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Friday, August 15, 2008

A bobber/custom bike Jaguh/kawasaki eliminator 175cc

Almost look alike right? =D

Well, promised to post about my self made fender, but kind of busy scraping motor part for my new project.

Here I post a bike custom by Hungry Ghost Custom INC, a backyard garage customizer with just few tools. I don't know what type of bike should I call it, a bobber? or a short chop? (definitely not short chop since don't even chop were applied). But is very nice custom, I like it very much.

This is just one of his amazing work. See the pic.

(ya ya I know, you guys/gals will probably say that is not even extreme custom what so nice about it. Ok here the situation, we ride our bike daily. Second we use for hardcore ride.By the way,it can pack a lot of ride hehehe )

Currently, own by Virus one of the forum member of

1 comment:

Slash said...

Hi, I really like the jaguh "triumph" bike and really interested to do something like this to my bike. How do I get in contact with Hungry Ghost Inc?