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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nexus Prime + Android 4.0 OS Ice Cream Sandwich

So you kind of disappointed with the release of Iphone 4s , well next  Android Phone Flagship Phone maybe will cheer you up a bit. The Nexus Prime which rumor will be release on Oct 27.

This smartphone is rumor to to have 4.65 inch screen with Super AMOLED HD (that one going to blow away anyone LOL). 1200x720 pixel. The SOC will be either 1.2Ghz Ti OMAP 4460 dual core A9 processor or 1.5Ghz dual core Exynos processor. I like Exynos Processor better since is the faster in spec and GPU. Come with 8 megapixel Camera (Got two version of rumor 8M pixel / 5M pixel camera.) And 1750 maH battery . That's currently rumor around the tech website. If I didn't get my current HTC Sensation, most probably I will get this one. The spec just give you a WOW, but since the phone haven't launch. We all can only that it with a pinch of salt LOL.

See this video for leaked Nexus Phone ( dont know is real or not :/).

Not much know about Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich . But the OS going to be use by both Android Tablet and phone when it is launch. Can't wait to what improvement the OS bring. Hope it bring a lot of improvement over current 2.3 OS (GingerBread). Cross finger on Oct 27 since myself own a HTC sensation phone.


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